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Try Comic Strip on your site or in your publication for FREE! To increase readership we've decided to offer Comic Strip for your website or in your printed publication at no charge. Perfect for university newspapers and school newsletters. Want to offer up more content for your website readers? Use our script for an automatically updating comics and always have the latest Comic Strip on your site.

Automatic Updating comic code. Copy and paste into your html code: See below for restrictions!

Double click or Click and drag right to highlight code then right click and copy.

Comic Print ready comic files for download: See below for restrictions!

syndication_pack_1_comicstrip.zip ( 21.7 mb)
By downloading this file you agree to the conditions below.

Zip file contains 30 B&W 300dpi print ready PDFs.

Website Restrictions:

• You cannot edit or change the comic in any way.
• The authors name, comic title and URL must never be removed.
• Please include a link back to scarybear.org somewhere on your site.
• Only one comic on your site. No archiving comics on your site - please link to our archive.

( Commercial sites with high traffic please contact me.)


Printed Publications Restrictions: This offer is only good for non-profit school papers, newsletters or indie magazines with low circulation numbers. ( 5000 unit and under ) Larger newspapers or magazines are NOT eligible for free syndication. (i.e. University of Santa Cruz eligible, Maxim magazine is not.) Larger publications please contact us if you want to publish Comic Strip! The comics come in a convenient PDF file. You may resize the comic to suit your layout. Keep in mind the comics are generally very "text heavy" and need to be an appropriate size to be clearly read.

• You cannot edit or change the comic in any way. (Other than resizing it.)
• The authors name, comic title and URL must never be removed.

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