Who makes this comic?
My name is Jason Pultz. I live in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. I've been making Comic Strip since September 2001.

I started making comics because I love making people laugh.
Being funny isn't always easy but what keeps me going is the emails I get from readers that say my comics have made them laugh out loud. I'm not curing cancer here or anything but hopefully I can make people smile a bit.

When I'm not making comics, I'm rocking out. I play drums and guitar. My last band was a surf-rock band called The Pauls. I'm currently looking for a female singer for my new band.

In my life, I've done everything between working at Kinko's to making music for adult films. Some of my favourite jobs: Being a nationally syndicated cartoonist, (this comic!) making animated educational websites for kids, editing/compositing stop motion animated TV commercials and making visual effects for computer games.

I also like doing spot illustrations. For my artwork portfolio you can check out my personal site JasonPultz.com I am available for hire.

I'm trying to subsidize my comic making with my new store site, mediocredesign.com. You can find all my Comic Strip merchandise there aswell as a few personal designs. Support Comic Strip by buying something fun from the shop! (and no... it isn't really mediocre.. that's just a funny name.)

Still curious? You can see some of my photos or check out my myspace page.

Send me a email! Getting letters is what keeps me going!

Here is my email address :

How do you make this comic?
I start by drawing the characters by hand with mechanical pencils or col-erase blue pencils.
I ink the drawings using regular tracing paper and black pilot ink pens. the artwork is scanned in at 600dpi as a black and white bitmap file. (I use a pc and I have a pretty cheap scanner.) I then use Adobe Streamline 4.0 to convert my drawing into a vector image. I save my image as an .AI file then import it into Illustrator 9.

In Illustrator, I can color the character how I'd like and add it to my library of characters. Now I can copy and paste the characters into the panels. Then I open the AI file in Photoshop and export it as a gif and post it online. I use Matthew Carter's Verdana bold for all my speech bubble text and
Jonas Petersson's ROTORkeffbold for my title. I've written a bit about this process on the messageboard.

Where do you get your merch made?
Monster Press does most of my shirts, Busy Beaver Buttons is great for buttons and Contagious Graphics does a great job on my stickers. (If you make an order with them, tell them Jason Pultz at scarybear.org sent you and we both get FREE stuff!)

Can I sell your stuff in my store?
Yes. I'll give you a deal on my products if you buy in bulk. Send me a email.

How do I get CS via Email or RSS?
Easy! To get Comic Strip emailed directly to you every week go to the subscribe page and enter your email address. Our RSS feed is here. You can learn all about using RSS here.
Can I reprint CS in my publication?
Please see the syndication page for that information.

My other websites

JasonPultz.com - My artwork
mediocreDesign.com - My online store
MrHost.ca - My brother's webhosting company.

Press package

Click here for high resolution images of the artist as well as printable comics. Please email me if you have any questions or would like to conduct an interview.



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